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Project Description

ADAPT MAP™ Packaging and Albert Bartlett Jersey Royal Potatoes

ADAPT MAP™ Packaging enables Albert Bartlett Jersey Royal Potatoes to stay fresh for customers to enjoy

The Jersey Royal potatoes are the British Isles first crop of the year, they are a unique potato being nourished by seaweed fertilizer that is harvested from the Jersey beaches, this method of fertilization dates back to the 12th century. Planted on steep slopes, known as côtils, near the coast, these potatoes are carefully hand planted, picked and packed within Jersey. These sought after potatoes are eagerly awaited every year, and are one of the nation’s favourite potatoes.

Albert Bartlett Jersey Royal Potatoes

This year has been a difficult season for Jersey Royal potatoes.

Due to the cold weather, the season was delayed by 4 weeks. Jersey Royals are renowned for being a delicate crop, and any changes with the weather can have an impact on the respiration rate of the potato. This therefore means to keep Jersey Royals fresh and tasty for the customer to eat, the packaging must be reactive to seasonal changes.

Ultimate Packaging’s ADAPT MAP™ technology tailor makes unique laser perforation designs to specifically suit the potatoes respiration rates, allowing them to achieve optimal results in extending shelf-life and freshness. In conjunction with our technology we have a portable ADAPT MAP™ respiration chamber that has been placed within Albert Bartlett’s Jersey Royal packing site. This tool allows Albert Bartlett to monitor their crop in real time, allowing data to be sent to Ultimate after four hours to be analysed. This allows Ultimate to be reactive in a short period of time to change the unique laser perforation designs, making sure they can get the best out of their product, and to suit Albert Bartlett’s changing needs.

Adapt Map
Alongside this our dedicated technical team do shelf-life analysis on a weekly basis to ensure optimal results are being achieved throughout the supply chain. With seasonal products communication is key and here at Ultimate we pride ourselves on being responsive, therefore Ultimate produced weekly reports that were sent to Albert Bartlett to make sure they are aware of every stage of the process, and what was happening.
Ultimate’s ADAPT MAP™ technology has helped Albert Bartlett’s through a difficult season, with complaint levels being down year on year.
Albert Bartlett’s and Ultimate’s partnership together has overcome this year’s seasonal challenges, bringing the best of fresh produce to market.