Ultimate Group come together with Ocean Fish to create ‘What the Fish?’ 2018-10-02T14:52:26+00:00

Project Description

Ultimate Group come together with Ocean Fish to create ‘What the Fish?’

The Ultimate Group are proud to have worked alongside Ocean Fish, a family owned company located in the heart of Cornwall. Together we have created What the Fish? A brand aimed at selling tasty sustainable white fish that isn’t your typical haddock or Cod.

The design was created by Ultimate’s design team Sharp Iris who have worked closely with Ocean Fish. This dynamic packaging design takes inspiration from the Ocean Fish logo, incorporating curved edges that mimic the natural sleek figure of a fish. The bag is fully recyclable at the end of life formed from LDPE, which is widely recyclable in the UK. What the fish? Is the essence of sustainability from pack to product, bringing customers a high end quality product that is eco-friendly.

“From my vague original brief the team have moved from first draft, to finished bag in a matter of days. The production team performed a similar miracle to meet what we all considered was an impossible deadline. The whole experience has been painless and the team should be credited” Stated Mark Webber Head of Operations & Retail at Ocean Fish.

From design to print, Ultimate have produced the final packaging in an incredible fast turnaround time, being responsive is an integral value here at Ultimate, as we pride ourselves on meeting the needs and aims of our customers. Our state of the art BOBST 20SIX CS allows us to meet tight deadlines while producing consistent excellent print quality for our customers.
We are looking forward to working with Ocean Fish in the future to produce more sustainable packaging solutions for the market.