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Print Room

World class production equipment

Ultimate Packaging supply product into the food industry, a market that demands very high standards. The philosophy of the Ultimate Packaging business has always been to work with the very best partners and equipment which is why the business insists on investing in high quality printing machines and supporting technologies.

As the business has grown the Ultimate Packaging team has responded by investing in state-of-the-art Bobst F&K Flexographic Printing Presses. Presses that work efficiently and produce fantastic quality, printed flexible packaging. The setup times and running speeds provide Ultimate Packaging with the perfect printing solution to enable a responsive approach to customer service and production. The capability to coat films inline during the printing process enables the Ultimate Packaging team to offer customers a complete flexible packaging solution for a range of products.

Flexeye reduced colour printing is a technology developed and launched by Ultimate Packaging in response to customers looking for a cost effective and sustainable solution to packaging print.

The technology uses a reduced colour gamut to produce a wide range of colours and effects using flexographic print onto flexible films. The process uses high definition printing plates to ensure quality and can accurately produce over 98% of Pantone colours.

By working with Flexeye the printing process is streamlined making Flexeye flexographic printing more efficient than standard flexographic printing that typically uses 6-10 colours.

Flexeye technology has been embraced by a number of UK food brands and retailers due to the importance of sustainability within the supply chain. Our next steps will look at building a greater connection with front-end creative processes to ensure reduced colour printing can be optimised from design through to print.


Reduced time to produce reprographic files and printing plates.

Less printing plates required, therefore less materials and solvents.

Less weight to transport, therefore less fuel required.

Ink Store

Less inks are required:

Less storage

Less transport

Less wastage as the same inks can be used for many print jobs

Less time required mixing and transporting ink


Reduced setup of plates and inks as less plates are required to produce a design and inks do not need to be changed in-between jobs.

Reduced use of chemicals to clean equipment.

Reduced downtime as the process is streamlined.

Improved production as print machines can run at consistently higher speeds as the print process is more straightforward when using a reduced colour gamut.


Ultimate Packaging control the production process from creative to print and conversion. The business manufactures a range of flexible packaging including printed film on the reel, lidding films, flowraps and pouches. The conversion centre produces specialist laminates and Adapt MAP modified atmosphere packaging that can extend the shelf-life of a range of fresh produce.

Ask The Experts

These are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding production, to find out more please get in touch.

Ultimate Packaging are part of a wider group. We can supply the complete service from design to print.

The areas of production within the factory are:

  • Flexographic printing
  • Conversion including lamination, laser perforation and reel finishing

Ultimate Packaging has invested in state-of-the-art flexo presses and associated equipment. Working with the best equipment helps to ensure quality and productivity. Our Bobst F&K 20Six Flexo presses are quick to setup and are fitted with a downstream coater which makes them some of the most efficient flexo presses available today.

Ultimate Packaging is a business focused on the development and production of a range of flexible packaging. We can produce very high quality print and have the capability to add premium finishes to flexible packaging including tactile finishes.

Flexeye is a flexographic printing technology created by Ultimate Packaging that is used to produce flexible packaging.

The technology uses high definition printing plates combined with a reduced colour gamut to produce high quality, printed, flexible packaging. Flexeye can achieve a complete range of colours by combining CMYK, reducing the use of spot colours.

By using a reduced number of colours the printing process is streamlined, setup times minimised and waste levels reduced.

Flexeye offers a more cost effective way to print high quality, flexible packaging.

Flexeye is a flexographic printing technology developed by Ultimate Packaging to print flexible packaging using a reduced number of colours.

The technology is very high quality and can be used to print onto a range of packaging films. It is used to produce packaging for a number of our customers.

Get in touch and speak to one of our experts to find out if you can use Flexeye to cut costs and reduce the waste associated with the production of your packaging.

Ultimate Packaging is a business focused on the development and production of flexible packaging.

We produce very high quality, printed packaging, enabled by our production and technical experts, and supported by state-of-the-art printing equipment and colour management equipment.

Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure consistent quality across the business.

Ultimate Packaging is a business focused on the development and production of flexible packaging.

If you’d like to discuss a project or find out more about our latest packaging innovations then please get in touch. Our experts are happy to help.

Ultimate Packaging is a business focused on the development and production of flexible packaging.

We can produce a range of flexible packaging formats from lidding films to vertical form fill and seal, horizontal flowrap and pouches.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your flexible packaging requirements.

Ultimate Packaging is a fully accredited business. We are passionate about what we do and back up our capability with all of the necessary accreditations and procedures.

Our key accreditation is BRC Food Packaging which enables the business to deliver packaging into the food and retail sectors.

To ensure quality and safety our production and technical teams carry out a range of testing procedures.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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