The power of flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is a complex type of packaging. As a sector it combines many different types of plastic materials and films that are used unprinted and printed using conventional and digital print technologies.

A particularly challenging packaging format to get right, flexible packaging has evolved over the years as technological understanding has developed. Flexible packaging can be used to pack a wide range of products from non-food, food, healthcare, personal care, homeware, toys and gifting; flexible packaging is used in the majority, if not all product sectors.

Ultimate Packaging is an organisation that specialises in the production of flexible packaging for food. Our particular skills enable the food processing supply chain to supply high quality, short shelf life products into retailers across the UK.

We focus on creating flexible packaging solutions that achieve the following:

  • Fantastic quality print to clearly communicate and present a brand and product.
  • Packaging films and structures that extend the shelf life of a range of short shelf life products including fresh produce and meat.
  • Packaging that helps to improve consumer convenience – make products easy to open, store and use.

Working closely with suppliers, professional organisations and customers is key to the evolution of flexible packaging. We are on a journey to create more flexible packaging solutions that make the world of retail better along with reducing food and packaging waste. Working as a combined packaging force will make a difference.