Use technology wisely, reduce use of resources

We are led by the needs of our customers. It’s absolutely vital to deliver solutions that solve the problems our customers face in regards to packaging.

Key challenges faced by our customers:

  • Protect the product through out the supply chain
  • Present the product and describe what it is, adhering to strict legislation
  • Extend the shelf life of the product, particularly important in the fresh produce sector

Our experts have developed packaging that meets these needs and the team are constantly reviewing and developing next generation solutions.

The team are focused on reducing the amount of resources used to manufacture packaging, including the down gauging of packaging films and the reduction of inks used in printing.

We believe that products should not be over packaged. It’s vital to find the optimum solution that uses just the right amount of film to protect, communicate and extend shelf life.

The reduction of the volume of inks and solvents used in the print process is an ongoing project. Following the launch of Flexeye a number of years ago, the team have evolved the technology.

Here’s an overview of Flexeye:

HD print that uses HD printing plates partnered with a reduced colour gamut to reduce the need for inks and solvents whilst maintain the quality of print. The benefits are clear –

  • Reduce inks
  • Reduce solvents
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce time
  • Reduce cost

Get in touch to find out more and to see if you can make your packaging more sustainable.